Photography 101: Landscape

Colorado September 2014

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Photography 101: Weekend One

For the weekend one challenge I decided to put up a gallery of our trip to Leadville Colorado last September. There was a special photo trip organized by the Leadville Colorado & Southern railroad company. As you can see it was a great trip with great colors. We got some heavy rain for about 20 minutes but after that it was dry again. I hope the photo’s will tell the story. Let me know in the comments if I captured this trip with the gallery.

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Photography 101: Water


John Denver Sanctuary Aspen Colorado USA

This is from our visit this year (2014) in September. It was a very calming place with marvelous fall colors.

I took this image so that the viewers eyes will go around that way it will capture the attention. By using a slow shutter-speed the water in the foreground got a little blurry and gives a smooth pleasant feeling. I found the colors just stunning. This was taken in raw mode.

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