Photography 101: Swarm

Swarm: to fly off together in a group, as bees; to move about in great numbers, as things or persons.




I just have the beginning of a swarm here. Did not want to see them all!  A nest of bald face hornets next to my garage door last August, they are very aggressive and can sting multiple times. The building of the nest is something that goes on the whole day, every day. These are all layers on layers starting on the top, going down and repeat, very impressive. Every 2 days there was a new layer.

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3 thoughts on “Photography 101: Swarm

    1. It was ready, I think it was the guard, there was always one sitting in the entrance. Unfortunately I had to destroy the nest because it was a danger for the neighbor kids and us. It was fascination to see how it got build up every day. I waited until my wife asked me to please stop it 🙂

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