Blogging 101: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

So we were asked to follow five new topics in the reader. Than can be done and is not that difficult but there are some major annoyances with “the reader”. For people who do not know; the reader is what you see after you login to Here is an example:


Screenshot of the reader at

You can use the reader to search on tags, follow and recommend blogs or find your friends that have a blog. Now here comes the big annoyance in case you have your own hosted WordPress blog (A blog that is not hosted on like this blog, there is NOTHING to find in the reader. Only if I make a comment in the “commons” you might be able to see and read that but it still won’t show  up in the reader. Ah then we have track backs to solve that right? NOPE does not work. Oh but what about the tag BLOGGING101 in my blog? NOPE does noting to the reader because I’M NOT ON WORDPRESS.COM…..I feel discriminated, left out and maybe will quit this blogging 101 just for the sake of it. I know I should just keep going on and maybe there are advantages but now let me put my foot down and be angry about it. could solve this by allowing track backs! Who is going to help me motivate to stay with this? Maybe you can explain that I’m wrong with this observation? Get connected and use the comments on my blog.

I asked this question in “The commons” and got my answer from an admin:

Self-hosted blogs are not automatically included in the Reader; it’s only. If you have readers who use, they can choose to add you to the list of blogs they follow in the Reader, but your blog still won’t be available there for people who are just searching or browsing topics — that’s why adding tags to your posts doesn’t cause you to appear there. That will hopefully change in the near future, but right now, the Reader is

So of course I’m not blaming the admin it still sucks.

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One thought on “Blogging 101: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

  1. Alright I solved this problem. Installed a plugin named WordPress Crosspost that automatically crossposts to your site when you publish a post on your (self-hosted) WordPress blog.

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