Blogging 101: Introduce yourself

Photo by:  Sylwia BartyzelAs part of the blogging 101 course this is the first post and first assignment called “Who am I and why am I her”. Lets start at the beginning. Do you know “movable type”? This blogging framework was the first blogging software I used. It was kind of cumbersome because after a new post you needed to publish the post that would recompile the pages. It was fun to use but had a lot of quirks. I think it was in 2003 that I started to use WordPress. I still have my old blog here: but you have to be able to read Dutch. This blog ended in 2011 and there is a gap between then and now. I know I like to blog but Facebook came into play and was the big new thing. However it’s time to blog again where I decide how it looks and I’m the owner of my stuff.

So that is what I am, a Dutch/American living in Mine-So-Tah since 2001 and loving it. Oh and the reason why I do the blogging 102 course is to get better at it and finally understand all ins and outs of blogging to use a WordPress blog in conjunction with photography.

So lead me the way…………………

In my blog I use photo’s made by me and from Unsplash, see: a great free library with direct upload yo your blog.

Photo’s with the Photograpy tag are always made by me. :)

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