Today I will sleep forever.

IMG_0785_fb You might not know me (and now it’s too late anyways.) I’m a dog, a pit-bull mix listening to the name Mona, the people who think to be in charge of me are Klaas and Eileen. I think I have been a good dog all my life. Yes, I bullied every animal on my path just for the heck of it and that was always so exciting LOL. But I have been a very very sweet dog to my owners, family and all other people. People’s ears were my favorite part to lick, they are so juicy and I knew it tickles them so it made all of us happy and full of laughter. I never used my strong pit-bull jaws against them although some people were afraid of me and I have no clue why. Playing with other dogs was not my thing, they never let me boss them around and that what got me so furious and mad, what’s wrong with that?
I only showed my teeth at the vet when they trimmed my nails. I acted out as a Tasmanian devil, crying and barking, sorry about that, I always hated it when they did my nails I’m a pit-bull, not a poodle or a doodle, I’m glad I never hurt someone.
You know something was going on this week, I could have all the treats I wanted without asking, I admit I was asking when I did catch on but just let’s pretend I did not OK? Awesome week it was. They even took me for a ride to the bank. But now I have to say goodbye. I’m ready for the last trip. I’m barely able to go up and down the stairs and I’m sooooo tired whole the time and every day, I just want to sleep forever and ever please?
Did I tell you I love cheeseburgers, I did have them a lot when I was in a foster home. What a surprise I got some again today too, so delicious! See it was a special week and today tops it all, I knew I was special. Thanks for taking good care of me; these were awesome years of fun and happiness. I hope you never forget.
Farewell people, I was a happy rescue dog and loved you all a lot but it’s time for me to go , knowing I will be missed but I’m so happy right now, thanks for giving me peace and let me sleep forever and ever and……….

Mona was 14 years old, we miss her a lot,


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